UFO UAP Observed for 5 minutes with video Ohio

On Tuesday, Oct. 26th, 2021 at approximately 10:38 pm I walked out my front door and acknowledged a glowing light UFO Sighting in the SW direction from my home. I watched it for about five minutes and ruled out the possibility of it being an airplane on account of it remaining stationary for the entire five minutes. I have lived at my home for over 20 years and look up at the night sky frequently, so I know for an absolute fact it was not an airplane or helicopter. To my best estimation, it was over a mile away. It spooked me. I would not go through this process if I was certain it was identifiable. I am hoping somebody else in my area reported this UFO sighting. I have a 2-minute video that I recorded from my phone, unfortunately, I am only able to attach 14 seconds of that video because of MB restrictions through my email. feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or if you can fill me in on other UFO sightings in my area. mutual UFO network UFO Report Galloway Ohio 10/26/21. This Region has had 3,235 Reported UAP UFO Sightings to date.


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