UFO Sighting reported of Four Pyramid shape UFOs

While inside my home I noted a UFO Sighting approximately 15 miles south east of the Tappa GPS intersection at an estimated 35,000' that appeared suddenly and traveling south. The UFO Sighting appeared pointed at the front and wider at the rear like a Pyramid that had been stretched out. Almost as soon as I noticed the first UFO a second identical object appeared flying in formation with the first craft. Moments later two other UFOs appeared behind the first two. One craft was flying vertically and the second was flying straight down at an incredible rate. All the craft had appeared almost instantaneously. The craft all reflected sunlight while observable. None of the craft left a contrail. I was inside and did not note any sound. Almost as soon as the craft had all appeared they all disappeared in an instant. They appeared to fall out of sight from there current positions. The entire time from the appearance of the first UFO Sighting until they all disappeared I would estimate to only be 7 seconds. I continued to watch the sky in the same direction hoping to see the craft reappear. The craft did not reappear however within two minutes I noted an airliner traveling northbound at approximately the same altitude. The airliner was visible and reflecting sunlight the whole time it was in the observable sky. The airliner also left a very visible contrail which lends credence to the fact that the atmospheric conditions at that time and altitude should have produced a contrail for any turbine propulsion system. mufon cms# 113927 Bruington Virginia 3/2/21 This Region has had 1,506 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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