UFO Sighting Reported Infrared Nearly Transparent New Jersey

Glowing oblong UFO Sighting came from the sky and investigated my yard, my vehicles and myself, at times being nearly transparent, and other times seeming bright white, projecting a white beam below it. This UFO Sighting would leave my yard at times, going back up into the sky, then come back down to resume what it was doing. I could not see it with the naked eye. It showed up on my infrared security camera over a period of five hours, constantly triggering my security alarm. When I went out on my porch to investigate, I saw it on my I-phone security app, but when I looked in the exact same spot at that moment, it was not visible. there was no sound, yet our outdoor cat did see it, looked at it as it got near it. At one point it crossed my back while I was sitting on my porch, but I felt no discomfort or heat. Eventually it slowly rose into the sky and disappeared. mufon cms# 111721 Glassboro New Jersey 9/12/20 This Region has had 1,794 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Green UFO Disk Saucer

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