UFO Sighting moving clockwise and counterclockwise over B.C

I was at work on Texada Island B.C. It was around 11:30pm I turn off my tower drill and got out for my ride back to the top shop to finish shift at midnight. While waiting I decided to look up as I usually do and noticed an UFO Sighting to the southwest flying left to right and I just thought it was a satellite unit it stopped and made an abrupt turn and went directly up. Then it moved right again.

It then turned around back to the left instantly. Then it turned back around again and started making maneuvers faster than any jet could ever. While making these maneuvers you could see it getting closer to where I was at. I know where I was standing I was 600 feet above see level cause the benches at work are measured in feet above sea level. So it had to been a couple thousand feet up or more.

Then it got to a point you could see the light coming from the center of the UFO Sighting but when it turned you could see it had thin wings and very small lights coming from them. The lights on the wings where not blinking flashing light from a jet or any other plane. These where very odd lights and made no sense. The center light was very big and round in the front. I watched it go left right up down clockwise and counterclockwise for at least ten minutes all with no sound coming from it. It was as if it was trying to avoid something or it was searching or a joy ride of sorts.

I did also notice a meteor flash too while this was all taking place. I then noticed my ride was close so I got ready and leave the area I was at. Then when I got to the top shop as we call it I couldn't see the UFO anymore as if it disappeared. I said nothing cause I know nobody would of believed me. So I then got home it's a 5 minute drive from work. I then looked up again and I could see a very bright light slowly moving in a circular pattern clockwise. It was very big and quiet. The lights coming off this UFO Sighting where a yellowish light from one side then a bright white light on the other side.

You could see that it was looking for something cause it had a light or laser coming from it. It didn't come all the way to the ground but a fair distance off of it it to make it noticeable. It would move for a couple seconds then stop and repeat this repeatedly for as long as I watched it. While this was happening a bunch of meteor flashes happened 4 times to be exact. I then had to go inside cause I was getting freaked out and I was by myself. I didn't notice any loss of time or anything but definitely ft. I have to go inside. I know what I seen cause this isn't my first time seeing UFOs or something weird happening around me. mufon cms# 117114 Van Anda British Columbia 7/29/21. This region as had 1,042 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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