UFO Sighting close encounter Illinois U.S.

My girlfriend had her alarm set for 4 a.m. to go to work. I wake up and crack the door open and let the dog out and have a cigarette. I live in a rural area with no phone signal for miles and fee houses. Visibility very clear. this didn't go as usual, first off I have deeply studied the UFO Sighting phenomenon and this was really compared to anything I have seen. I would take a lie detector test no problem! so the alarm goes off at 3:45 to 4:00 a.m. on her work days. The alarm goes off and I get up, it is quiet way out here in the country. I head for the door and as I enter the dining room outside I hear a Humming High Voltage sound, it's pretty loud. I open the door and let the dog out and I hear the sound and it sounds like it is very close.

I can tell it starts to get quiet and I step out on the porch and I do not see anything. The sound is growing faint and I am on the sidewalk by the well at this point. I look up and I would say about 10 feet above me the UFO Sighting starts to become visible at this point the noise is gone. It is like looking through a galaxy kind of like a lava lamp dark to blood red and it is going straight up. It had to be landed and cloaked I'm certain of it although it was invisible because I would have seen it. It started to turn a yellow orange color and was like a translucent metallic object at this point. It was going straight up really slow and it was fighting a magnetic field I think.

idk why but I suddenly felt threatened a bit I guess and I headed for the porch I'm certain we were observing each other we were both curious. I remember I was a bit concerned of an abduction and I got on the porch a few feet from the door and I took my phone out. I just had got the phone and didn't play with it in the evening and had no clue where the cam was. I looked briefly but felt further threatened and I put the phone in my pocket as I went for the door. The object was raising straight up and then it went west above the tree tops like touching them almost. It was very bright at this point like a star the leaves were illuminated like the sun was hitting them, like an eclipse almost.

I wanted to go around the house and watch it but was very concerned. I ran inside and told her what happened and when I came back out it was gone. I think but I didn't stick around. I regret not seeing it take off but it should have still been visible when I went back out. it had to shoot off. I 100 % believe this was extraterrestrial it was like it was alive almost if it wasn't for the high voltage take off I may have thought it was an entity it was very strange. I could not find evidence but I did put grass in a bag from where I thought it was parked. the dog was not really responsive to the event that was strange too. I am curious if radar picked it up and if there is records. mufon cms # 111455 Illinois U.S. 8/6/20 Region has had 2,649 Reported UFO Sightings  to date. 

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