UFO Reported Red Orange Sphere Radiating Internally Over Beverly MA

On the evening of 8/1/2021 around 10pm. I was walking past my dining room window and noticed an unusual light emanating through the curtains. This clearly did not make sense to me given the time of day. As I opened my curtains, I saw a large sphere UFO floating at a standstill, low, above my neighbors building.

The UFO sphere was red and orange in color. Although, the UFO was a sphere in shape, it did not hold a solid outline, almost as if it was a fireball radiating. As I observed this object, I noticed the radiation of light emanating more from the bottom, less on the top, and nothing on its sides. The sphere stood in its "upright position" during the interaction and the vessel itself did not seem to be in rotation.

My gaze locked into place as I have never seen anything quite like this. After minutes of staring in disbelief, I had to move past denial and realized I was actually seeing this UFO.

Toward the end of the 5 minute span, the object started to slowly move north, never really picking up speed, almost as if we were watching each other. Also, the object did not produce a condensation trail throughout the entire duration.

The object did not disappear, it slowly traveled out of my eye sight into the distance. After the whole interaction ended, I realized there were no sounds coming from or around the UFO during the whole interaction. nuforc.org Beverly MA 8/01/21    

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