Two Tic Tac Shaped UFOs Reported Thunder Bay Ontario

I was sitting on my back deck with clear skies. I looked up and saw two Tic Tac shaped UFO, Black in color. the moved very fluidly and just offset from each other. I watched them move fairly quickly across the sky and after about 10 seconds, the one UFO that was a little behind and to the left moved forward and seemed to connect with the second object. At that point, where they connected the center portion changed color. almost translucent but was definitely blocking out the sky. The UFO Sightings were flying horizontally and it was the end points that connected. If I were to describe the ends they were rounded tips. There was no sound at all and the speed was steady but swift. There was no wing structure, They definitely were not birds. I have never seen anything like this before. It was very cool to see. By the time I even thought about getting my phone, they were gone. I waited outside for hours after, hoping they would come back again. mufon cms# 115274 Thunder Bay Ontario Canada 4/25/21 This Region has had 2,528 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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