Two Gray Green Rotating UFOs Alberta Canada

We were star gazing in our back yard when we had a UFO Sighting of two objects flying in formation. When sighted, they were above western horizon at 83° heading south in a straight line. With in 3 -5 seconds they were out of sight. The UFOs appeared to have lines running E-West as it flew south Gray-Green in color they appeared to flutter or rotate in a forward manner as though rolling through the sky. Time was approximately 11:15 pm. no sound was heard. No lights observed. Due to it being a clear night , with arm extended, each were the size of a dime, one flying just ahead of the other, in formation. mufon cms# 117273 Stony Plain Alberta Canada 8/12/21. This Region has had 798 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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