Triangle Shaped UFO Hovering Motionless over rural Oklahoma

My wife looked out our windows and saw lights hovering over our land at 11:30 pm in the evening of 8/03/21. Our land is in a residential neighborhood in the middle of the country. Each house is on a few acres of land. It is very dark and quiet in our neighborhood at night. My wife said to me “there is a drone is watching us”.

She grabbed her phone and we went outside. There was an UFO over our land behind our back yard that was about 500 feet – 600 feet or so above the ground and about 100 - 200 yards or so away from us. UFO was perfectly still with no movement for the entire time before it flew back west slightly upward towards the horizon. UFO kept a straight path until it disappeared. It didn’t disappear suddenly but just got too far out of our line of sight. The entire time we did not hear it make any sound. It was very smooth motionless and silent.

The UFO Sighting was the shape of a triangle and had three white lights at each point. It also had a red blinking light on occasion that emitted from the center of the craft. Our video from an iPhone is a bit blurry because the phone had trouble focusing as it is very dark in our neighborhood at night. Naturally it could be a commercial drone, a government drone such as a DEA drone since there are a lot of marijuana farms in our county and state, or something unidentified. It certainly didn’t seem like a drone in person and if it was a drone it was a state-of-the-art drone likely from a government department. Paoli Oklahoma 8/03/21. Image below is a depiction only.

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