Silver Disk UFO Sighting Chased by Helicopter Fla.

I was sitting on my back porch with my daughter and I heard a helicopter coming from the west. There have been a lot of them lately so I went to the screen door to look out. I couldn't see the helicopter at first so I stepped out on to my pool deck to get a better view. I noticed something coming through the trees from the west and saw the helicopter lights further back from this UFO. As the UFO came closer over the trees I could see plainly it was a Disc Shaped flying craft very Large and Silver and Iridescent in color. UFO Sighting had a very subtle glow about it the helicopter was behind and to the right of the object and seemed to not be chasing it but instead seemed to be escorting it as they moved across the sky. There was no noise or wind from the craft but I could hear the helicopter quite plainly. As they approached and I could see the Disc Shaped craft had no markings of any type and appeared to be seamless except for the bottom of the craft which seemed to have a square hatch or bay with a line down the center of the hatch. It also had a second deck that appeared to have windows that were illuminated but I could not see any movement within. As they both continued to the east I was in awe and thrilled that I was lucky enough to see this UFO Sighting so close and then I realized I didn't have my cell phone to take a picture as it was in the house and would have taken too long to retrieve it. So as they continued to the east and I lost sight of them through the trees. I can't tell what type of helicopter it was because my focus was on the strange craft. Well about 20 minutes later I heard the helicopter coming back from the east passing to the southside of the house going to the west I again stepped out on the back porch and saw 2 lights 1 red and 1 multiple colors moving very quickly to the west with the helicopter chasing them. Again no sounds from the lights but the helicopter was screaming behind them, definitely chasing them. I lost sight as they went behind the trees. Middleburg Florida 8:45 pm on Monday February 8, 2021. This Region has had 5,836 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

Silver Disk Shape UFO

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