Saw UFO hovering in northeast Gainesville Florida

Around 10 pm on Jan 10, 2021, I and my wife witnessed a UFO emerge just above the tree line south of the water treatment plant on 53rd street heading east. The airport was nearby so we initially thought maybe something getting ready to land. We were heading southeast on 53rd towards Hwy 441. As we got closer to the UFO, we noticed that it was hovering very low just above the tree line and it was too far away from the airport to be landing. It was moving extremely slow as it crossed over 53rd. I looked for an indication that it might be a helicopter but there was no sound and didn't appear to be a helicopter or anything I have ever witnessed. We didn't observe any blinking lights on this UFO at all. It had at least 4 sets of lights beaming. I couldn't make out the pattern of the lights. As it crossed over 53rd at the main street intersection light it began to descend into the trees. As it did this, we noticed a line of lights that were on the craft multiple colors red, green, orange, yellowish, more but it was too quick, and we couldn't see everything. We then made a left on the main street and headed south to see if we could get a glimpse of it but it was gone. mufon cms# 120371 Gainesville Florida Reported on 01/10/22. This region has had 6,222 reported UFO UAP Sightings to date.

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