Reported UFO Sighting Hovering over Residential Homes

I am married and we have two children. I live in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. I have served as a special agent with the DEA United States department of justice for 25 years and have recently retired. I would like to share an experience that I had and I would like to know if you have any thoughts, feedback, and/or why I observed what I observed, etc. unashamed, I plainly observed a UFO Sighting. I do not believe in UFOs, I have never studied UFOs, I do not talk about UFOs with other people, nor am I part of that community in any way.

Approximately six years ago, during an early August morning (approximately 2:00 am) I was having a restless night and could not sleep. I got out of bed and walked out the back door of my home and eventually made my way to the front area of my home. At which time I observed, as plain as day, a UFO hovering over my neighbor's home across the street from my home. The UFO then traveled to the home just to the east of the original home and hovered over that home. The UFO Sighting traveled back and forth over each of the homes, hovering over each home for a few seconds.

This happened about three times. At which time I started to walk towards my home to wake up my wife so she could witness the things that I was observing. After I took a few steps towards my home, the UFO traveled at a very high rate of speed to the south and out of sight. I have never in my life observed anything like this neither before that experience or since that experience. The UFO Sighting looked very much like a UFO that you would see in a book or magazine, a classic shaped flying saucer. I observed the UFO very plainly with much detail, it was just feet away from me. the basic size of the UFO Sighting was about the size of a volts wagon bug. When it traveled or hovered it did not make any sound, as a combustion engine might make. mufon cms# 113200 Castle Rock Colorado 08/20/15 Region has had 2,645 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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