Reported UFO Dark Steel Domed Red Green lights hovering New Jersey

I was driving home heading north on Route 515, Vernon, NJ. I had just gotten off Route 23 northwest. At quite a distance, there was a commercial-looking truck with small yellow safety lights on each top side. Maybe a sander in prep for an expected snowstorm around midnight. Straight ahead low in the sky I saw what I assumed was a plane descending at a distance, as it looked small for a commercial airline.

Then as I drove closer I saw this UFO flying towards me approaching a tree line on a slight incline, again on my right. The UFO Sighting was larger than the length of two helicopters, at least 60 feet or more. It was about 40-50 ft high, rather very big. It began to hover, no longer flying. The UFO hovered over the top of the tree line as I approached closer and closer.

I was in disbelief of what I was seeing, trying to apply logic. Looking quickly to see if there were homes, street lights, wires, stores, anything I could mistake it for. I saw small red and green lights in a row. It was like a band that went around the center of it, between the body of it and the slightly domed top. UFO was more oblong than rounded on top like a water ship would have.

The lights seemed like they were going off in sequence, as the band appeared to rotate with each series of lights changing. The body of this UFO was dark like steel but reflective enough that I could see the material of it. Not shiny, but slightly reflective dark metal. my stomach was shaking. I was driving very slowly and tried to slow down as much as possible so I could examine things. I looked in my rear-view mirror to see if the truck was approaching me, but he had slowed down.

He would have been in full view of this too, but far enough back behind me that I was not blocking him. The truck kept moving slowly, as I was and continued keeping a distance. I wondered if the driver had also seen it. I was now very close and afraid of almost passing under it, but it was so far to the right over the trees that I avoided having to do so. The road was a very slight incline and bear to the left slightly. Once I got around the bend I could no longer see it.

The truck followed me to Vernon crossing near my home. I was very shaken up but wanted to go back to investigate further. As it was dark out and very cold and a one-lane road, I did not dare turn around alone at night. I had to catch my breath when I arrived home and after calming down a bit I contacted my daughter and best friend to document what had happened. I felt victimized like why did it have to happen to me. I am always afraid of being taken seriously and displaying credibility in my paranormal research. source mufon cms# 120208 Vernon Township New Jersey 01/06/21 This region has had 1,962 reported UFO UAP Sightings to date.

silver disk shaped UFO over New Jersey

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