Night Walkers UFO Sightings and Orbs Michigan

Have been seeing UFO lights for over a year now, just random lights hovering, random flashes of light and allot of odd low light beams through the woods.

There's been odd things that have happened like power going out and odd so sounds. There was one night me and my dad were out in the woods and we seen a UFO light going through our trail and it was a light with no apparent source.

I finally got fed up one night and wanted some answers and got a buddy to stay out here and he was seeing the same thing I had been seeing and we about to leave and we were video taping on our phones and mine shut off and a orb appeared and came up to about 2 feet in front of us and an Grey Alien looking thing appeared and we got out of there fast.

The UFO lights are still going on but it's not as much as it was. mufon cms# 117143 Michigan U.S 6/30/21. This region has had 3.740 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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