Latest UFO Sighting Missouri Cross Shaped Emitting Blood Red Smoke

I am submitting, by proxy, this account of the UFO Sighting my 15 yr old niece encountered about a half a mile from Red Oak Missouri on Tuesday the 12th of Jan, 2021. She wishes to remain anonymous. She went outside to feed her calf at about 7:15 am from her grandmas house which is right next door. She happened to catch something out of the corner of her eye and looked to be a Cross Shaped UFO Sighting with very odd wings with various pulsating lights. The body of this UFO Sighting had a long rear fuselage that was a glowing red, and had thick trails of deep, blood red smoke emanating from each of the side protrusions. She stated they weren't really wings this UFO rose up, and traveled over her from the area behind the barn, and traveled west. There was absolutely no sound, this in itself scared her in addition to its bizarre nature. I grew up here. I'm very familiar with this property. My niece is a very Christian, and honest young lady who would never make up a story like this. She cried out when she first seen it, trying to get my mother, her grandmother, to come out. My mother did not hear her, but also claims she did not hear anything including any type of engine. My mother is who reached out to me, knowing my interest in this phenomenon. She indicated Kaili was very shaken by this and was having a hard time trying to process it all. I did a little research to see if there was a possibility it was a weird drone, or plane. If her judgement of size and distance was accurate, there would have been noise of some kind. She said it was like a slow silent horror movie. She said it was almost like she spooked it when she went outside. mufon cms# 113256 Red Oak Missouri 01/12/21/ Region has had 2,361 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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