Latest UFO Sighting Communicating with Triangle Craft

I had 3 UFO sightings prior to this one. I was outside at night stargazing. 1/2 mile down my street over a house came enormous lights. moved slowly towards me with no sound about 50 feet off the ground. It moved directly over my head. I did not feel any fear. I stood there frozen and shocked. I flashed my light at the UFO triangle. It paused and then I felt funny. I remember telling myself to detail what I was seeing as it passed over me.

I guess I just went inside and went to bed. 5 months later another I had another UFO Sighting of a beautiful Huge Triangle again same scenario except it was higher up hauling ass towards me. I did not fuzz out this time I knew what was happening as soon as it got over me it disappeared into thin air. I'm seeing A lot of craft. I cannot explain it. I watched Dr. Greers movie and told myself if they can do it so can I. I used the vectoring technique.

I thought it would take a long time for me to be able to call them in. It worked my first time and has not stopped since. It took me months to accept this. A lot of stress. I plan on being hypnotized. I have had 2 daytime UFO sightings one where my esophagus was healed. I had an endoscopy 5 days after my 1st daytime UFO sighting and they kind of link into your head. I realized I was communicating with them so I asked them to heal me. my endoscopy showed brand new healing pink tissue. my doctor said he could t explain it. I remember going home from the hospital shocked.

I have before and after scans. my entire paradigm has been shattered even though I caused this no. I realize I should not play games with Dr. Greers protocol but I'm seeing incredible stuff. its working for me. I have no idea why this is easy for me. I want to know whos onboard. I have to know. Thinking I was abducted is difficult for me but something happened when that triangle was 50 feet over me. Thanks Wendy mufon cms# 114003 Citrus heights California 6/01/20 This Region has had 11,333 Reported UFO Sightings to date. This UFO report was entered on 3/06/21

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