Large V Shaped UFO Sighting Reported over Macarthur Airport NY

Around 8:45pm I was driving home from the gym. I was headed northbound on county road 83 from Farmingville and I was talking to my wife on the phone and as I approached Gown Hall on my right I saw a Large V Shaped UFO and my first thought was wow that plane is flying really low.

That area is part of the landing run for Macarthur Airport. The UFO Sighting was so low I started to slow down because it would have crashed into the hill I was crossing over. Bald hill is one of the tallest points on Long Island. I then realized that there were way to many lights for a plane and it was not moving. The UFO was about half a mile away and definite structure was like a structure behind the lights.

The lights were large about as large if I put my arms around like I was holding something. I tried to immediately change my phone call to facetime so my wife could see what I was seeing. Cars around me were all slowing down. I hung up and while driving I tried to record. It became difficult to see it then because of the tree line. By the time I turned onto middle country road it was gone.

mufon cms# 117410 Coram Long Island New York 8/11/21. This Region has had 4,183 Reported UFO Sightings To Date.

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