Large Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting Captured on Video Florida

We first observed the UFO Sighting hovering I would estimate at about 1000 feet. When I got over the shock I ran in the house to get my phone and called my wife and daughter. I returned to the original spot where I first located it about 30 seconds later and it was gone. My wife spotted it to the east now about 10 miles away and that's when we took the pictures and video and although it hovered for over 15 minutes and never seemed to reduce in size or move laterally as you can see in the pics it was a bit obscured by the trees. I am a professional person, a Sr. VP of a publicly traded company and this literally blew my mind. As a private pilot years ago I have never seen anything like this and I do know the approach patterns quite well, this was not an airplane or a vertical launch from space-x as when I first saw it it was in the lateral position and very close! unfortunately, like so many UFO Sightings I zoomed in full so the pic get grainy but you can definitely see the magnitude in size of this UFO. mufon cms# 117836 Clermont Florida 9/08/21. This region has had 6,063 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 


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