I Was Strongly Compelled to Turn and I Saw a Hovering UFO Disk

I was walking a wooded path and had a strong compelling urge to turn around, I did so and my eyes were drawn to a silver metallic UFO in the sky, I felt very shocked but euphoric, then an Alien being in the UFO communicated telepathically, it assured me that it is ok, no need to panic, and it said I was the only one that saw, it then said that I was privileged, next the whole UFO craft lit up so bright its shape was no longer visible, and it shot off at incredible speed in a westerly direction, the strangest thing about it was the telepathic communication it was not words but information, yet I was in no doubt the being was female I never felt afraid or threatened, this visitation was extremely gentle and a friendly being that was not and would never be hostile, she was right, I am privileged to have seen and been communicated with by this friendly extraterrestrial Alien being or beings. mufon cms# 120047 Ystradgynlais Wales UK. UFO Encounter occurred on 04/14/20 was reported on 01/02/21. This Region has had 203 Reported UFO UAP Sightings to date.

UFO Shaped Disk Hovering over Tree Line

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