Hovering Cylindrical UFO Sighting in night sky Indiana

We were driving home from visiting family heading south on in highway 11 when I spotted an UFO in the sky. It appeared to be traveling northbound but changed direction to the northwest as we got closer. Then the UFO Sighting appeared to hover over a cornfield near the Jackson County Bartholomew county line. It also rapidly dropped altitude as we got closer to it to maybe 200 feet or less. I asked my wife if there was a tower in that area and she stated no. This UFO Sighting was large and had lights shining from the underneath. I saw multiple colored lights. UFO had 1 main bright light and then multicolored lights around it. My wife was driving and wasn't able to get as good a look as I did but she said it looked like green rays of light were shining down with red lights in front of them. She thought it was the size of a helicopter however it made no noise. mufon cms# 117570 Seymour Indiana 8/27/21. This region has had 2,403 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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