Detailed Description of a Black Triangle Shaped UFO Sighting

I was walking home shortly after 1 am when I had a UFO Sighting of a Snub-Nosed, Triangle-shaped UFO with rows of red & blue lights running down its outer-underneath sides slowly comes into view from above a housetop. It was directly in my line of sight looking forward. It made no sound and was moving forward very slowly perpendicular to my line of sight. The UFO Sighting then it stopped and made a dipping action, bobbing back and forth, down and up, at which point I knew for certain I was not looking at a man-made craft then returned to its original position and continued forward slowly, then began flickering and blinked out/disappeared right before my eyes. The way it flickered and disappeared reminded me of the old black and white TVs, where the picture would flicker and then go to black when you pushed in the on/off knob. The entire UFO Sighting event took place in under a minute; about 35 seconds I estimate; and left me standing on the sidewalk, stunned and beyond belief at what I had just seen. Additional note I could tell the triangle was snub-nosed because the body of the object was slightly darker than the navy blue night sky. It was dark blue, not black, but black was the closest color on the options list to what I saw. The lights on the underneath outer sides were 4 rows each of side-by-side one blue then one red light. They didn't flash or dim but stayed constantly lit throughout the entire event. The dipping/bobbing motion it made was just like if you made a "falling leaf" a perfect descriptive! motion with your hand, bobbing up and down from side to side, but not falling, just staying in one semicircular left-to-right path. It's difficult to explain without demonstrating as well. The enclosed sketch is one that I made on my cellphone so it's a bit crude but supplies a representation of the location of the lights and the shape and color of the UFO. This was the first time in my entire life I have ever seen something so ultra-normal and unexplained. I am still in awe when I replay the event in my memory. It was utterly amazing. Mutual UFO Network cms# 119031 New Orleans Louisiana U.S 10/07/21 UFO Report. 

Witness drawing of Black Triangle UFO Sighting

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