Dark Red Polygonal Shape UFO Sighting Texas

Approximately the first or second week of March I had a UFO Sighting of a strange, roundish object that appeared to have what seemed to be numerous flat sides. I guess it would be considered polygonal. I did not see any seams, doors or windows. The UFO Sighting had no visible lights and it looked to be a smooth, reddish, color almost like a dark, dull red iridium. I could not tell if there was any sound due to traffic noise near my house. It seemed to be about 8-10 feet across. The UFO Sighting was moving at a relatively slow speed. It was in my view for less than a minute. I was in my backyard when I first saw the UFO. It was South East from my house approximately 100, maybe 200 feet at most above the ground. Total distance from me was maybe 500 feet at the most. The object was traveling from the south towards the north. It was traveling in a straight line and slowly rolled or spun as it moved. I have looked for something like this my whole life and for some reason, at the time, I had the feeling of no big deal. I just went back inside and did not think anything else about it. I did not even think about telling my wife until a few weeks ago. mufon cms# 117154 Wylie Texas U.S This Region has had 6,369 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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