A Strange Large Black Cube UFO Sighting reported over Colorado

I had a UFO Sighting of a Black Cube as big as a house or bigger. on April 5, 2020, I saw the strangest thing in broad daylight. I was driving on a highway in Fremont county, Colorado at 9:49 am. I observed to my right (west) a large black box rise from behind a butte and hover in the sky. The sky was clear and cloudless and I could see the box very clearly. I watched as it hovered for maybe ten seconds before it started to move to the south at a high rate of speed. I watched this UFO disappear behind the wet mountain range. The entire time it took to move from my location to disappear was probably fifteen seconds and I estimate the mileage between points as about twenty-five miles. There were no propellers or anything visible that could have been moving this UFO. It was a huge black box. I estimate it to be the size of a 4000 square foot house but it may have been larger. It was about 100 feet from the ground when I first spotted it. the strangest thing of all was at that very moment, a song came on the radio in my vehicle and it was talking about UFO sightings as part of the vocals. I took a screenshot which is why I know exactly the time and date and name of the song playing. It was https://m.Youtube.Com/watch?V=e6ooc9uc5ek. I found that to be one hell of a coincidence and it gave me the chills when I realized what the locals were saying. the strangest encounter I had all year. mufon cms# 120066 Canon City Colorado U.S UFO Sighting occurred on 04/05/20 was reported on 12/30/21. This Region has had 2,832 reported UFO UAPs to date.

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