A Physics Defying UFO Sighting Encounter Reported Arizona

It was around 1:15 am, Saturday night, Sunday morning. when I decided to go out and have a cigarette. first, I looked out my northern facing window. to check for animals, etc. and i saw what i first thought to be a normal plane or aircraft heading from the north/northeast direction. coming towards towards me, so probably heading toward the south/south east. After I went outside, on my porch. I looked around the side of my house north/northeast facing. Again, to check for animals. And I saw the aircraft heading in my direction.

But this time, it seemed characteristically different. the tint was the normal yellowish. Like from an airplanes guiding light. but yet, there was still no emergency light blinking. The craft then seemed to be almost above my house, at the normal altitude of the regular aircraft's in my area. And it seemed to be on the normal flight path too. Then all of a sudden. it stopped midair stayed there for about 30 seconds. It got brighter, and looked to now be an orange tint light. I tried to get a video, but my phone was in the wrong mode. And before I could gather any sound evidence.

The UFO Sighting literally went back the way it came, and disappeared. no u-turn. It just stopped, mid-flight. Went dimmer, and shot off the way it came. that was it. The whole UFO Sighting encounter lasted about 3-5 minutes. I'm also counting from when I first saw it through my north facing window before going outside. when I first thought it was just a regular aircraft. mufon cms# 111600 Foundtain Hills Arizona 9/27/20 This Region has had 3,489 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Hovering Silver Disk UFO

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