3 UFOs Sighted together then separate during storm over Parker/Aurora, Colorado

Black ufo sighting report Parker Aurora CO 6-15-2017

Moving 3 darker UFOs Sighted Occurring on 6/7/2017 4:45pm  between approx. Parker/Aurora (perhaps Smokey Hill ) area over E-470 Parker/Franktown –
Every so often UFOs would rotate and Project Beam of Light. Perhaps 10-15 miles away from viewer. UFObjects spotted and perhaps 10 minuets total observation.
Speculation the UFOs were there before viewer spotted them initially. UFOs initially appear to be somehow connected as they undulated together in the sky as if they were connected, but later one of the UFOs broke pattern with the other two and did its own maneuver and then returned to the other two, and then the three of them continued maneuvers together.
Due to the undulating pattern, it is not thought they were just one UFO such as a dark plane with three lights (since one did separate from the two and then later rejoin) since the viewer has witnessed planes heading to or from DEN as the viewer knows the flight path over East of Parker Road and basically down E-470 to DEN. UFOs went higher in elevation, lower in elevation, east, west, north, and south – moving further away and then closer in several different patterns, some looping, some more block-style in nature. Ball lightening ruled out since ball lightening doesn’t last this long. Total movement from time noticed until they disappear into the passing storm that was hitting Aurora area at this time was maybe 10-30 miles.
This seems too far for a controlled drone or drones and drones don’t seem to be able to fly in unison like UFOs. Drones also don’t seem to have such bright lights as UFO Sighting were maybe 10-15 miles away. UFOs did not appear to be metallic, but some kind of darker material, so doesn’t resemble photos seen of weather balloons, and weather balloons don’t seem to have lights or ones that were so bright as the UFOs did.
UFOs were making various loops, appearing to stop in mid-air, rapidly going from left/right (West/East) but were generally following either an Easterly or North-Easterly direction. During this same time, a large storm with hail, rain and lightning was passing from West to East north of the viewers position with the objects between the viewer and the storm. If this was under human control, why were these maneuvers being carried out extremely close to a monster of a storm? The viewer cannot think of any plane, drone, etc that can make such maneuvers.
iPhone 6 video was captured (2 min 45 sec) in zoomed in mode. No rain at time. Video shows birds flying around and trees for perspective. Video is a bit shaky. There was no water on the camera since it was not raining yet when the video was taken. Viewers voice can be heard on video wondering what they are. UFOs were seen by viewers eyes and captured on video. Still images are taken from the captured video since the video is somewhat shaky. source nuforc.org

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