The True Story Behind The Alien Abduction Of Betty And Barney Hill

UFO News: Do you believe aliens exist? Do you know the origins of Alien Abduction stories and UFO sightings? Paranormal journalist and TV host Aaron Sagers Travel Channel's Paranormal Caught on Camera chats with UFO expert, and former federal agent, Ben Hansen for Den of Geek's paranormal pop culture show, Talking Strange. Ben talks about how he got interested in the extraterrestrial, the two new Shock Docs releasing on Discovery+ about the most famous cases of alien abduction: Betty and Barney Hill, and Travis Walton (whose case was the basis for the movie Fire In The Sky). Plus: Ben sheds new behind-the-scenes light on these decades-old stories. (Alien abduction refers to the phenomenon of people reporting what they believe to be the real experience of being kidnapped by extraterrestrial beings and subjected to physical and psychological experimentation.) credit. Suzanne Clark.

Alien Abduction 

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