Seeing is believing Riveting UFO Video Footage and Audio

UFO News Today: Link to Air to Air, the first episode. The video includes riveting footage and audio recorded by FedEx and former US Air Force Strato tanker pilot Erik Delgado and equally fascinating accounts by Matthew Roberts of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.
Seeing is believing. Encounter: UFO is a new 8 X 60 series that brings to vivid life the most incredible UFO sightings of the modern era. Combining the most compelling visual evidence of UFOs iPhone footage, video and photographs with the first hand accounts of those who were there, Eyewitness UFO takes the biggest mystery of our time and turns it into edge-of-the-seat viewing through riveting, experiential storytelling.
Only for Canadian viewers so in other countries you'll need a VPN with a Canadian server. Wind Scribe is secure, fast and free.  credit Stig Agermose.

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