Royal Australian Air Force Declines Investigating UFO Sightings

"The Royal Australian Air Force chief says Australia has no plans to follow the Pentagon by formally investigating UFOs, insisting his pilots have not reported any Recent UFO Sightings of unexplained objects in the sky.

At a Senate estimates hearing, RAAF Chief Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld was quizzed about a declassified US report into the topic released in June by the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence."
"Under questioning from Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson, the RAAF chief confirmed he was not "formally aware" of the report's findings but had noticed it in the media.


Air Marshal Hupfeld told the committee he had not seen any reports of "unidentified aerial phenomena" or UAPs in Australian airspace. "I'm not familiar with, nor have seen any reports or information regarding UAPs in an Australian airspace context, and there's no air force-led task force that looks into this phenomenon," he said." credit S. Agermose

Defense won't follow Pentagon to launch an investigation into UFO sightings or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

Five UFO Disks above earth

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