Roswell UFO Death Bed Confession Reveals Amazing Incident Details

UFO News: Industrial technology classification table it details procedures for retrieval of crashed UFO saucers how to handle the organic matter and where to ship the bodies. The Blue Lab at Right Field in Ohio was the secret destination for some of this material. A young woman named June Crane worked in a classified office at the base. Shortly before she died she told her story. I started at Wright Patterson in 1942 I was 18 years old and all of the people I worked with were older than me so I'm probably the last survivor of my lab group and probably the last one still around to talk about it I had acute clearance I worked with scientists and with engineers I knew a man named Clarence Smith he was a master sergeant he came in one day before we started to work very upset clarence told us that his plane brought back two bodies in crates from new Mexico when I asked which plane had crashed he said it wasn't a plane it was a flying saucer well they knew of three crashes that I was aware of by 1952 maybe there were more in 52 there was a crash cover-up Roswell was in 1947. That balloon story was a damn lie then and it's still a lie when I interviewed June I realized that I was getting a rare glimpse into another period in time that was right at the heart of the mystery of ufology I began to understand the full extent of the cover-up the difference between what was commonly known to engineers and scientists and what is probably still known to this day? and what has been revealed to the public an officer showed me a piece of metal I think that it was lieutenant rose he was one of those guys in the office who liked to talk to me lieutenant rose asked me to break it up tear it apart if I could he handed me the scissors I couldn't dent it or cut it I asked him what it was and where it came from he said that it was a piece of a spaceship. Roswell UFO Incident of 1947

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