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UFO News: While some ufologists have written about science fiction authors being dismissive of ufology (e.g. Stanton Friedman), in fact the relationship between science fiction publications/authors and ufology is more complicated. Some science fiction publications have published numerous UFO articles by leading ufologists. "Fantastic Universe" was one such science fiction magazine.
In the 1950s, "Fantastic Universe" published UFO articles by Ivan T Sanderson, Morris K Jessup and other prominent ufologists.
The UFO articles in "Fantastic Universe" included an entire series (which I had not seen before) entitled "Shapes in the sky" by Civilian Saucer Intelligence, a UFO research group based in New York. Jerome Clark has written that "Though its membership was small, what the organization lacked in quantity it made up in quality of its personnel". CSI's members included Ted Bloecher, Isabel Davis, and Alexander Mebane.
Isaac Koi I'm grateful to Russian researcher Mikhail Gershtein for providing scans of these articles. I have added searchable copies to the folder in the online archive for UFO articles from non UFO publications from the USA. source Isaac Koi fb.
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