Knowles Family encountered UFO Lifted Car Off Road at Night Video

UFO NEWS: Faye Knowles was traveling at night with her sons, Sean, Patrick, and Wayne, on a long-distance road trip, when suddenly their car became pursued and harassed by a strange and mysterious UFO light. The appearance and behavior of the UFO light would lead to the strongly held belief that its origins were from out of this world, with likely explanations that it may have been an unidentified flying object (UFO) (UAP), perhaps an irregular interaction with the elusive UFO light, or some form of collective delusion. This story is considered unique due to multiple witnesses and further reporting to authorities of incidents that were encountered in the same region at that time. Whether or not aliens were responsible, what the Knowles Family encountered remains a mystery, and can be considered an excellent comparative example for what many other travelers would experience on the roads throughout the world following this 1988 event. source Owen George.

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