Brazilian Investigation into UFO Sightings and indigenous people

UFO News DAILY STAR, January 30, 2022.
Local police reports say UFOs fired laser beams at people that caused woman's miscarriage.
EXCLUSIVE UFO researcher Rony Vernet has revealed police documents released by a Freedom of Information request to Brazilian authorities claim UFOs visited Earth multiple times between 2013 and 2016.
Canal Rony Vernet approached the Daily Star this week with "more than 100 pages and 20 minutes of videos from Brazilian Government Investigations about close encounters between indigenous people and UFOs which he obtained through a Freedom of Information request. 
The documents, which he has translated into English, describe the moment's UFOs were seen flying over the Apiwtxa Village, Kampa do Amônia Indigenous Tribe, state of Acre, the border with Peru in 2013.
Then another reportedly 'fired beams' at a tribe of indigenous people on July 24, 2014 causing one woman to lose her pregnancy. credit Stig Agermose FB  

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