Silver UFO sphere hovering over Ashfield UK 11522

I pulled up at the junction of my street/Wentworth rd. and I could see above and in front of me a white silvery sphere-shaped UFO Sighting high in the sky was cloudless and sunny and I could see it to the left of the moon. I drove around the corner keeping the UFO Sighting in view when suddenly another white UFO appeared above it from nowhere as if the UFO had fired it as the second object went at great speed westward leaving a contrail about twice the length of itself to which I pulled over to photograph them once I had pulled up and got my phone out the 1st object had traveled approx. 50 miles at the same altitude and was to the right-hand side of the moon and was static. As I switched my camera on it completely disappeared and could not see the second UFO. I am familiar with contrails as I see many over where I live and familiar with the flight paths which go east-west-east and east to the northwest and southwest to the north I actually for the 1st time ever saw 2 contrails about a mile apart heading southeast-northwest the previous week I am familiar with helicopters especially the police one as it is based about 10 miles west from me. mufon cms# 120330 Kirkby in Ashfield England U.K. 01/13/22 This Region has had 2,517 reported UFO UAP sightings to date.

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