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Hazy Craft with Twenty Square Windows

I'm going to start with a little background before the UFO sighting. I live in a very hilly, rural area. My girlfriend and I were in my valley garden. It was a very clear night and we were looking at the stars & we saw a definite satellite going by. We decided to stand back to back & spin slowly so …

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UFO Sighting Ring of Windows Rotating Around Disk

When I was 17 years old I was on the football team for a small town in Northern California and we traveled around to the other small schools in the mountain area. There was one occasion in which, around 9- 10 pm I saw this huge structure that I hadn't noticed before but because of the light it emitt…

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Latest UFO Sighting lights coming through windows Disc Shaped craft

My fiancee and I were traveling home westbound on Schoharie turnpike at 7:20 pm on the evening of Oct 24th 2020 when he said to me, "what is that?" I looked up from my phone, and saw at first through the tree line, what looked like a meteor might have been going through the sky. But as we observed i…

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Latest UFO Sighting Reported Circle Shaped Craft with Lots of windows Brooklyn

UFO Sighting of a Circle Shape Craft with lots of windows and lights floated past my window. Lights ran down the top and bottom from left to right red and blue and yellow but white light lit up like strobes it's made no noise and floated behind the buildings over Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn. I was …

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Two Large UFO Craft Hovering Over Highway New Mexico

Large Dougnut shaped UFO Sighting with Tripod Superstructure atop-about twice the height of a semi trailer-round windows showing brilliantly lit interior-the craft was hovering just above the highway and partially blocking highway 56-we drove (within a foot) around it there was no sound the second U…

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