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Large UFO targeted car near Deniliquin Australia 1996 video

UFO Sightings News: In 1996 two sisters were driving home at 11:30pm and their vehicle was intentionally targeted by a UFO. The UFO was described as a large multifaceted shaped craft which was evaluated to be 4-5 times greater than their vehicle.

The case is strangely similar to the Bendigo UFO w…

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UFO Video Capture of Weird Looking Craft's over India

UFO Lights were found in the night sky where a few inhabitants caught the occasion on recorded video over Gujarat's Junagadh India. The UFO Sighting caught the creative mind and hypothesis of the observers that we are in good company and outsiders are here meandering the skies of earth. View the UFO…

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UFO UAP Mystery Video Australia 1978 Cessna Aircraft Disappearance

UFO UAP Mystery began when a 20-year-old pilot, Frederick Valentich, went missing in mysterious circumstances in 1978. He was flying a single-engine Cessna off the south coast of Victoria, Australia, and neither he nor his aircraft was ever seen again. The story begins by introducing the man Frederi…

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UFO Sighting Video Taken by Airbus a320 crew

Was flying along at 39,000 feet in an airbus a320 somewhere over Georgia. Took out my phone to take photos of the beautiful milky way. Using the new iPhone 13 pro max. Tried to take a video of another aircraft flying just above us in opposite direction at 40,000 ft. as I was filming these aircraft f…

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Rotating Cube UFO that transformed to a Rotating Sphere Ohio

I was sitting on my side porch facing the east looking at the sky above the horizon. I noticed an unusual object flying in my direction. I witnessed it for about 20 seconds before I started recording. When I began recording it was almost overhead. what caused me to notice it was that it appeared to …

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UFO UAP Observed for 5 minutes with video Ohio

On Tuesday, Oct. 26th, 2021 at approximately 10:38 pm I walked out my front door and acknowledged a glowing light UFO Sighting in the SW direction from my home. I watched it for about five minutes and ruled out the possibility of it being an airplane on account of it remaining stationary for the ent…

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UFO Caught on Video During Blue Angels Air Show

Looked back to the east to see some planes that were circling and we noticed a bright starlight UFO Sighting. I thought it might be a parachute but it was too far away from the airport. Then we thought it might be balloons and that is when we noticed it was rotating going from a bright ball to a tri…

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Brooklyn NY Latest UFO Sighting Video

Large Blue UFO Sighting recorded on a cell phone hovering over a Brooklyn New York Neighborhood. In this alleged UFO Video we see a large light hovering in the night sky which was ejecting smaller size Orbs. The witness claims that his cell phone turned off for no reason. mufon cms# 117221 Brooklyn …

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UFO Sighting Video Black Ring Queens NY

There are strange UFO Sightings occurring right now over the Metropolitan area of New York City. This is the third such UFO Sighting video in a week showing what appears as a Black Smoky Ring shaped object hovering in midair over the borough of New York City. mufon cms# 117214 Queens New York 8/8/21…

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Another Amazing UFO Sighting Video Capture NY

Just within a week there has been yet another witness who has come forward with an amazing UFO Sighting video capture of a Black oval shaped UFO Sighting slowly moving across a cloudy sky over the New York metro area. The witness was so disturbed at what was being observed the audio was cut off duri…

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Strange UFO Sighting Video Manhattan NY

Several people witnessed this strange UFO Sighting of a craft of some kind moving around a cloud. Then has the witness started to record it all of a sudden there were 2 orbs that went directly towards this large UFO. It seemed they were being controlled by intelligence Aliens maybe because the wa…

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UFO Video Footage Orbs Merging Together Utica NY

He we have a UFO Sighting Video of two UFO Orbs that seemingly merge together during the night over the city of Utica New York. There were four witnesses to this UFO Sighting event as they watched these hovering objects merge.

mufon cms# 117176 Utica New York 8/04/21. This region has had 4,164

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UFO Sighting Video Twelve UFOs Los Angeles CA

Witness was amazed when he had a UFO Sighting at night of Twelve UFOs appearing just over in an area of Los Angeles California. There was no air traffic just a clear night when these Unidentified Flying Objects appeared and video taped. mufon cms# 117150 Los Angeles California 8/2/21. This region h…

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UFO Sighting Video Over Manhattan New York

Here we have what appears to be a Glowing White Orb UFO Sighting over Manhattan New York at night on August 8th 2021. The eyewitness to this UFO Sighting suggests that the Orb was being released from a Larger UFO Object hovering over the city.

  mufon cms# 117166 Manhattan New York 8/3/21. Thi…

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Amazing Video Strange UFO PA

There has been recently an up swing in UFO Sighting reports of objects being seen hiding in clouds. This Strange looking UFO Sighting which appeared during a sunny day over Philadelphia Pennsylvania is one example. The witness who video taped this UFO Sighting couldn't believe what was appearing out…

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UFO Sighting Video Erratic Flipping Octagon Object

I have been having different UFO Sightings of the same object 4 times, since early June 2021. Each UFO Sighting incident was recorded on video. I was leaving relatives' house in Grayslake Gages Lake Illinois area at 12:12 am and as I was pulling out, saw the familiar brilliant star-like UFO in th…

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UFO Sighting Video Captured over Stuart Florida

I have seen and recorded previous unknown UAPs that behaved similarly with regard to formation and under intelligent control. I have even seen what I believe to be a non human Alien entity walking at night these events are around 2010 in Jupiter. I was out last night in my back yard with an infrar…

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UFO Sighting Video over Fresno CA

On 7/18/21, at approximately 2105 hours, I was driving northbound on California highway 41 going approximately 67 miles per hour. I observed two large non blinking white lights like landing lights that appeared to be fixed to the end of what looked like the wings of AC-130 or larger sized plane. At …

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UFO Sighting Multiple UFOs Interaction with witness

UFO Sighting encounter began at a Pizza Hut in town near the hospital in Rome. I was sitting in my truck looking up in the sky through my sun roof and seen strange lights appear dim to start and brightened as they came by.

Eight UFO lights in the same path trajectory. Then one of the UFOs came …

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Unknown UFO Sighting Video Over Seattle WA

Very Strange UFO Sighting of a Ball of light that eventually turned into a Black Barrel caught on video coming from the Olympic Park direction towards West Seattle WA on July 1,2021.

mufon cms# 116633 Seattle Washington 7/1/21 This Region has had 2,672 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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