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Contact With The Other UFO UAP Dimensions UFO Podcast See Video

UFO News: A gathering of researchers and technologists accept they're as of now in touch with different universes, claims Dr. Diana Pasulka in her new book destined to be distributed and temporarily named Tether Into Contact.
On That UFO Podcast Diana said: A portion of individuals I highlight in t…

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UFO UAP Mystery Video Australia 1978 Cessna Aircraft Disappearance

UFO UAP Mystery began when a 20-year-old pilot, Frederick Valentich, went missing in mysterious circumstances in 1978. He was flying a single-engine Cessna off the south coast of Victoria, Australia, and neither he nor his aircraft was ever seen again. The story begins by introducing the man Frederi…

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Government Apparently Investigates UFO UAP Phenomena What is next?

“We’ve been following up on leads and field research in the last few years that have uncovered incredible discoveries on the UFO UAP phenomena. As the world is hearing official confirmation of the existence of UAPs that may be of extraterrestrial origin, we now have to ask the next question: how…

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UFO UAP Observed for 5 minutes with video Ohio

On Tuesday, Oct. 26th, 2021 at approximately 10:38 pm I walked out my front door and acknowledged a glowing light UFO Sighting in the SW direction from my home. I watched it for about five minutes and ruled out the possibility of it being an airplane on account of it remaining stationary for the ent…

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