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Triangular Shaped UFO Photo Captured Over Bahamas

I can't answer a lot of  questions about this UFO Photo. I was laying in the pool in Paradise Island in the Bahamas taking pics of the sky. I didn't realize I had captured this photo until reviewing my photos later. mufon cms# 117774 Paradise Island Providence Bahamas 9/02/21. This Region has had 8…

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UFO Sighting Video Two UFOs Hovering in Sky Milwaukee Wisconsin

I witnessed these 2 UFOs spinning around each other in the daylight. Initially they hovered, then moved west, then up and away, out of sight. The UFO lights seemed to be in a string and changing length, but the photographs I have are 2 shapes. They are seemingly red bodies with amber lights. I was s…

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UFO Photographed from Passenger Plane over Jacksonville Florida

This UFO Sighting was at 16000 feet just south of Jacksonville, FL on July 29th 2021. I never actually saw this but it was in the photo I took of the clouds, from the airplane very strange. The UFO appears to have the sun reflect from it and a shadow from the shape of the flying object. I imagine th…

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Italy 1956-1990 Mass UFO Sightings Alien Contacts

One of the most underrated UFO contact cases is the "Friendship case." From 1956 until 1990, the Italians had been dealing with mass UFO sightings that included contacts with human-like beings who were friendly. An aerospace expert & UFO researcher Dr. Roberto Pinotti published photographs of a UFO

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Tic Tac Cylinder Shaped UFO Photo

One afternoon while taking a bike ride with my wife and kids my daughter says what is that? When we looked up to see what she was talking about we saw a what I can explain was basically an airplane with no wings and no windows. There was no sound and nothing coming from Tic Tac Shaped UFO as if it h…

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Invisible UFO coming through double rainbow

Something very weird happened tonight. I have a lot of pictures I shot with a 24.4mp camera with little knowledge what this UFO Sighting thing is and why there were so many UFOs. We just thought we were taking pictures of a double rainbow. My wife was inside taking pictures with her phone and I was …

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UFO Photo Analysis verses UFO Contact Activism 3216

UFO Photo analysis is a major theme in Ufology but UFO contact activism is about some things more important.
J. Burkes MD

Contact work as I imagine it is about a relationship. Pictures are nice, UFO sightings too but having the UFO contact experience is so much more. Unfortunately the UFO …

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