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Retire USAF Colonel Reports UFO Sighting Colorado

Personal description: pharmacist. retired air force, rank of colonel. Walking the dog with my wife at twilight with a clear sky, an extremely fast moving, brilliantly illuminated bright red square UFO flew overhead approximately 1,000 feet altitude from north to south parallel to state highway 93. N…

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UFO Sighting with Square Red Lights Reported

I live on a marsh Branford Connecticut I happen to wake up midnight to one am and I could not believe my eyes. UFO Sighting was stationary on tree top across marsh just siting there for 5 min. I did not feel nervous or I did not grab my phone which is so out of character for me always taking pictu…

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Hovering Metallic Rectangular UFO Sighting

I saw the first of two UFO Sightings on June 4th at about 7:30 pm. The first Sighting was on June 4th. after I parked and turned off my car in the Raley's grocery store parking lot off Howe Ave and Fair Oaks Blvd. in Sacramento, I sat for a second listening to the radio. I looked in my driver's side…

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