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Silent UFO Triangular craft hovering 75 yrds above road Hudson ME

UFO Sighting Reported of a Triangular Craft was moving VERY slowly over the road. The front of the UFO had three white lights uniformly spaced, and two smaller red lights beneath the middle white light. It was backlit by the sky (almost a full moon) so triangle was very clear to see. The back came t…

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Triangle Shaped UFO Hovering Motionless over rural Oklahoma

My wife looked out our windows and saw lights hovering over our land at 11:30 pm in the evening of 8/03/21. Our land is in a residential neighborhood in the middle of the country. Each house is on a few acres of land. It is very dark and quiet in our neighborhood at night. My wife said to me “there …

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Pink Oval Shaped Luminous UFO Sighting Wisconsin

While biking on a clear night under a full moon I had a UFO Sighting of a Pink Oval-Shaped, luminous object, it was as moving from right to left at a moderate speed, and then switched directions at an astonishing speed. It way that it changed directions and went almost to warp leaving behind a trai…

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Multiple UFOs Reported over Ada Oklahoma

At 9:35pm, may 6, 2020, we first observed an armada of flying discs moving from the southwest to the northeast right over the town of Ada, Oklahoma. The UFO Sighting of these UFOs generated no sound and flew in a straight lined pattern. The number of UFOs are unknown but by the time we viewed them, …

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Strange Silent Chevron Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Firestone CO

I witnessed a Chevron-shaped UFO Sighting, silent and with seven lights cross my line of sight between 02:35am to 02:40am on Friday, April 23, 2021. I was watching for meteors in the northwest/northeast Colorado sky and witnessed the slow, silent flight of an UFO moving across the sky from west to e…

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Dark Rectangle UFO Sighting with greenish hue reported

The UFO Sighting appeared in Northeast Austin Texas U.S. UFO Sighting was a Dark Rectangular Object with greenish hue surrounding the object. Traveling at low altitude and high speed ( I have never seen an aircraft travel that fast ). No sound, appeared out of nowhere, was visible for only 2 or 3 se…

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