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Daytime UFO Sighting Photo California

I witnessed this UFO Sighting while walking the county park, at first they were almost directly above me floating downward, at first I thought they were hang gliders, very strange. The UFO Sighting moved away to the north that is when I decided to take some pictures with my mobile phone, expecting…

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Strange UFO Sighting Reported Interacting with Tree's

Multiple UFO Sightings within the same 30 days. 1st, at Approx. 0300. 2 semi Saucer airship UFOs traveled slowly over my front yard. I witnessed from the front porch. The only part making the saucer incomplete was a squared out section of the ships apparent bow where lights were fixed. they hummed b…

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UFO Sighting Ring of Windows Rotating Around Disk

When I was 17 years old I was on the football team for a small town in Northern California and we traveled around to the other small schools in the mountain area. There was one occasion in which, around 9- 10 pm I saw this huge structure that I hadn't noticed before but because of the light it emitt…

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UFO hovers over our house then flies off

I initially saw a bright light through our windows and it was moving toward our house. It looked like the lights of an airplane but the lights were low in the sky. I said to my parents, "what is that?" as the lights moved toward our house. I stepped out on the front porch with my dad and we looked u…

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Reported UFO Sighting Hovering over Residential Homes

I am married and we have two children. I live in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. I have served as a special agent with the DEA United States department of justice for 25 years and have recently retired. I would like to share an experience that I had and I would like to know if you have any t…

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Latest UFO Sighting Reported New York

I witnessed UFO Sighting of a Disk/Saucer shaped object high above my 31st floor terrace in a partly cloudy predawn sky. The UFO Sighting was bright red and moving north in a slow linear direction towards LaGuardia Airport some 5 miles away from my location. It then turned left quite quickly I could…

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Chicago Daylight UFO Sighting

I saw a shiny object from my window in high rise apartment in downtown Chicago. UFO Sighting was moving around and seemed to be heading west (my view faces north). At first I thought it could be a balloon that was shining from the sun reflection but it seemed bigger and decided to get it on video. A…

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