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USAF UFO Report 1966 Submarine Shaped UFO with Aliens Oklahoma

During the 1950s and mid-60s, the United States Air Force-endorsed Project Blue Book explored huge number of UFO sightings. Some had clarifications, while others are as yet ready to be addressed. Three years prior a weird episode had occurred in Temple, Oklahoma. An observer to this case had a pecul…

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UFO Interview 1966 Video

UFO News Today: In '66, Hector Quintanilla claimed to have never received a single UFO Sighting report from any astronomer, noting that this fact was "out of favor" of the UFO position. He points out (I think correctly) that astronomers are in the best position of all professions to see and know w…

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History Channel orders 2nd season of Project Blue Book

We are believers in Project Blue Book and so is our audience who has sparked a conversation about the hundreds of unsolved UFO Sightings cases and our nation’s military response to UFO Sightings that have remained relatively secret until now,” said Eli Lehrer, Executive Vice President and Head of …

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Project Blue Book The Air Force’s covert UFO investigation is brought to TV

UFO News Today: "Before the service shut the project down, he reported that he believed UFO sightings deserved more rigorous scrutiny, and that the surplus of reliable witnesses, including pilots and high-ranking military personnel, indicated that there was more than what meets the eye when it came …

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Project Blue Book Alien interviewed 1964

UFO / ET DISCLOSURE "Disclosure" is the name given to the announcement by various world governmental leaders that we are not alone in the universe and that, in fact, many races of galactic beings are here around this planet and have been for some time. They are here on peaceful missions, a fact whic…

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