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South Australia Dark Cigar Shape UFO Sighting Photo

While photographing an aircraft passing over my house, I noticed a dark cigar shaped UFO fly pass the aircraft at speed, I was lucky enough to get a photo. The Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting was travelling from the east and heading west as it passed the aircraft. The duration of the sighting would have…

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Must See Colorful Magnetic Plasma UFO Photo

I was on my balcony reading on my cellphone when a shiny and relatively big white light came from my left in the sky and caught my attention. I just saw this UFO Sighting from the corner of the eye that it was glowing white on top, gas like glowing patterns and colors changing very fast under it. S…

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Tic Tac UFO Sighting Photographed From Plane Over Texas

I observed this metal UFO Sighting, shaped like a Satellite or Tic Tac or a Long Pill like Object, do not recall seeing wings on it. I was on a Southwest flight that had just departed Dallas Fort Worth Airport and was headed northbound for Tulsa. I was sitting in the window seat taking pictures out …

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Daytime UFO Sighting Photo California

I witnessed this UFO Sighting while walking the county park, at first they were almost directly above me floating downward, at first I thought they were hang gliders, very strange. The UFO Sighting moved away to the north that is when I decided to take some pictures with my mobile phone, expecting…

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Photographed UFO Sighting Nehalem State Park Oregon

We were camping at Nehalem State Park on the Oregon coast. It was a clear night and I had commented that I should have brought my telescope. The night before had been very cloudy. My stepdaughter yelled to me and was pointing upwards. My wife and I both looked up and saw a very large string of light…

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Portland Maine Captured Strange UFO Sighting Photo

S-shaped shiny UFO Sighting very high up in the sky looked like barely more than a sparkle until I looked through my cameras 2000mm zoom lens. There was nothing else near it, very hard to focus on due to distance. Was able to snap a photo. Unfortunately there no reference for scale but this was at l…

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Circular Black UFO Sighting Captured Photo North Carolina

UFO Sighting appeared bright as if reflecting the sunlight before turning Black. The captured UFO photo shows a Circular Craft with angled wing like protrusions, and lights or propulsion flare along the top edge. It does not appear to look like a conventional airplane. Time on photo one hour behin…

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Shape Shifting UFO Reported Moreno Valley CA

I was driving when I Sighted an UFO in the sky. At first glance I thought it was a parachute or ultralight aircraft. Neither of these worked out because they are in the direct path of air traffic from march arb. Secondly, a parachute or skydiver landing in a densely populated area just didn't make …

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Arctic UFO Sightings Photographs 1971 USS Trepang

Briefly these Northern Atlantic UFO Sighting photo's need to be more widely investigated for they look like incredible images of Unidentified Flying Object's filmed in the Arctic originated from the USS Trepang, SSN 674 and were taken in March 1971. The following case was made available thanks to Jo…

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Photo Taken Large Metal UFO Pacific Missouri

Myself and my daughter where heading to her school to drop her off. We were running late, and as we were heading up a road in Eureka Mo. called route 109, my daughter kept saying look at that daddy what is that, and because we were running late, I told her I didn't have time to be looking at anythin…

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UFO Sighting Reported Photo of Three Descending UFOs

I was having my morning coffee, I generally look out my window while I'm doing that. I looked up and I asked my friend if they could see that weird smoke trails. The trails were long at first and you could see that there was a direction change in the upper atmosphere. As this UFO Sighting got low…

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Orange Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting Photo

I took this picture on the 11th of October in Poland. During taking pictures I didn't see anything suspicious in the sky. After checking pictures on my pc I have noticed a weird orange cigar-shaped UFO Sighting, made from sun-reflecting material. mufon cms# 112153 Warszawa Poland 10/11/20

Orange Cigar Shaped UFO reported Warszawa Poland _101120.jpg

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Pair Of UFOs appear in photo West Nyack New York

When I walked out of Macy's at the palisades mall at around 6:45-6:50 pm on Oct. 7th 2020, I noticed this intense cloud overhead that literally looks like an Aliens face. I took a few pictures of the sky because it was so weird and so Alien looking. I didn't see any lights when I took the picture…

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Northern UK Research and Files on UFO Sightings Reports

The Bury X-Files: Is borough one of UK’s biggest UFO hot-spots?
This is quite an in-depth article looking at UFO Sightings reports gathered over the years from the town of Bury (Greater Manchester -Northern England) it also has photos of UFOs (FTs & Discs) captured by the public along with an i…

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UFO Photo from bedroom window during lightning storm

I was filming a massive electrical storm out of my bedroom window and at about 19 seconds in to it a craft of some type comes into view from the left hand side and flies across the screen at about a 30 degree angle in a straight line, then the craft changes to a steeper angle and accelerates off fas…

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Long Exposure UFO Sighting Photography

UFO Sightings photos

A brief exploration of the hallmarks of "long exposure" photography, from within the context of UFO mis identifications and the Dorothy Izatt photos of streaks of light:

Part 1 - What is long exposure photography:

"Long-exposure photography or time-exposure photography or slow shutter phot…

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