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Best Shocking Radiant Oval UFO Sighting caught on Video 2022

In Acton, California, a tremendous UFO arrived close to the highest point of a slope. In a brilliant scene, the second a UFO arrived while arriving on a slope was reported.

The UFO Sighting captured on video is as a colossal chunk of dazzling white light, and the recording didn't show any chanc…

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UFO Sighting Oval Solid White Object passed over house

This was my UFO Sighting account written minutes after witnessing this on January 4th, 2020. I posted it to my face-book account so the details would be fresh in my mind. I knew the longer I waited, the more I would question what I saw.

I was just outside in the backyard with my dog and I thin…

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Photo Taken Large Metal UFO Pacific Missouri

Myself and my daughter where heading to her school to drop her off. We were running late, and as we were heading up a road in Eureka Mo. called route 109, my daughter kept saying look at that daddy what is that, and because we were running late, I told her I didn't have time to be looking at anythin…

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Oval Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Florida U.S.

The UFO Sighting was observed by both husband and wife at 12:24 am on 11/22/2020 utilizing brand binoculars Hammer & Axe 7x50 outdoor UV binoculars recently purchased new. Husband observed the UFO Sighting first and then confirmed sighting by asking wife to look up in the sky in an eastward directi…

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Oval UFO Sighting No Lights Hovering Reported

A Dark Gray Colored Craft. I had stopped at a stop sign to my right I looked up just above tree level and noticed a Dark Gray UFO hovering sitting still. The UFO Sighting seemed to be watching me. No noise or lights coming from the object. It was almost dark but not quit. I live in a very rural a…

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Latest UFO Sighting Shiny Oval or Cigar Shaped Object moving swiftly over Plympton MA

The time was about 9-9:30 AM  it was a cool, clear, sunny March morning with magnificent blue skies and good long-distance visibility. I was sitting at my kitchen table on the computer in the relatively open dining room/kitchen area with the bright skies lighting up the room. I heard a low-flying je…

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