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Strange Shapeshift Aliens Louisiana Wildlife Reserve

UFO Alien News: Every night for the past two years I have been noticing less deer and all-around wildlife in the hunting reserve 5 miles from my house is at least 7 thousand acres and more family woods surrounding the area that accounts for about 20 square miles of densely pact woods full of palmett…

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Photographed Mass UFO Sighting Over Loveland Colorado

At approx. 8:30 pm I was outside waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up. I happened to look up and noticed about 15 white light round UFO orbs in the sky coming from the east heading west right overhead. I was amazed and could not stop watching and they just kept coming and coming and would not sto…

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Strange UFO Sighting Video Manhattan NY

Several people witnessed this strange UFO Sighting of a craft of some kind moving around a cloud. Then has the witness started to record it all of a sudden there were 2 orbs that went directly towards this large UFO. It seemed they were being controlled by intelligence Aliens maybe because the wa…

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UFO Video Footage Orbs Merging Together Utica NY

He we have a UFO Sighting Video of two UFO Orbs that seemingly merge together during the night over the city of Utica New York. There were four witnesses to this UFO Sighting event as they watched these hovering objects merge.

mufon cms# 117176 Utica New York 8/04/21. This region has had 4,164

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UFO Sighting Video Twelve UFOs Los Angeles CA

Witness was amazed when he had a UFO Sighting at night of Twelve UFOs appearing just over in an area of Los Angeles California. There was no air traffic just a clear night when these Unidentified Flying Objects appeared and video taped. mufon cms# 117150 Los Angeles California 8/2/21. This region h…

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UFO Sighting Video Over Manhattan New York

Here we have what appears to be a Glowing White Orb UFO Sighting over Manhattan New York at night on August 8th 2021. The eyewitness to this UFO Sighting suggests that the Orb was being released from a Larger UFO Object hovering over the city.

  mufon cms# 117166 Manhattan New York 8/3/21. Thi…

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Night Walkers UFO Sightings and Orbs Michigan

Have been seeing UFO lights for over a year now, just random lights hovering, random flashes of light and allot of odd low light beams through the woods.

There's been odd things that have happened like power going out and odd so sounds. There was one night me and my dad were out in the woods and …

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Reported Close Encounter with Five Plasma Orbs Bangor Maine

We have thought about what we saw for years because we had such a close interaction with them. They followed us for 10 miles across Bangor Maine. At one point we got so spooked I pulled over in the brake down lane & told my 11 year old son to meet me at the back of the trailer truck to try to figure…

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UFO Sighting Video Twelve UFOs Travelling in sync

Latest UFO Sighting of over 12 bright spheres moving roughly from the North to south. There was very little wind, no cloud cover, warm and sunny day. They were Moving sporadically left and right, up and down in a almost playful Manner. I could see them for about 15 minutes until loosing view. The mo…

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Cigar Shaped UFO Image San Jose CA 2021

My girlfriend and I were at a family picnic in Alum Rock Park July 20th 2019 and was talking with her cousins, then noticed a blinking light in the sky. I took my phone out and recorded 2 separate clips of it. Then on June 20th 2021, I saw the same blinking light and it shocked me because I know I h…

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UFO Sighting Video Myrtle Beach South Carolina

On vacation with my husband we enjoy sitting and talking on the beach in the evenings and listening to the waves. On June 13th we were sitting on the beach and heard someone say what is that? We looked to our left and 2 reddish UFO orbs were above the beach almost looked like they were flying toward…

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UFO Sighting 2020 Close Encounter with a UFO Orb

My mother and I were making a cake and were driving into town to get eggs, it's a 15-20 minute drive into town, we were halfway there when we noticed a bright orb of light fall from the sky from 200-300 mph. We thought it was a meteor at first, but soon after, the orb of light instantly hovered and…

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Video Clockwise Spinning White Orb with Rainbow Lights

I see these every other night between 10:30pm-11pm along with multiple high altitude Star like Orbs flying in straight lines by themselves in all parts of the sky. Some blink every several seconds like a space flash light where others dip in and out of visibility and none ever make a sound. I had m…

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UFO Video Nine Orange UFOs Near Nuclear Plant Florida

Nine Orb like UFOs which arose from the horizon and flew towards the Nuclear Power Plant and then went dark as they approached.

Copy & Paste Link in Your Browers to view Yankeetown Fl. UFO Sighting Video:

mufon c…

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Fleet of UFO orbs near Fort Eustis military base

I was on a military base outside with two other officers. I was looking through the sky when I noticed what looked like 3 stars in formation very low moving fast across the sky. As I pointed it out we began to lose sight of them into the clouds. It was then when we noticed many more all following th…

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Armada of Glowing Orb UFOs reported over New Mexico

My boyfriend and I had just finished eating dinner outside, we were sitting in front of a small fire in this little fire pit he had built a few days before. I was leaning back in my chair watching the sky as I often do. It was a clear night, a little bit chilly. I saw what looked like stars, but muc…

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Continual UFO Sightings over the past 10 years

Hi, first of all this is just one observation of a UFO Sighting phenomena that has been captured from a credible source in the community. I will say as a long time resident of the Adirondacks over the years there have been hundreds of sightings of anomalous events. I grew up in a town which is smack…

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Flagstaff Arizona UFO Sighting Reported

UFO Sighting was the size of a volleyball with a shiny silver surface. It came from the north over highway 89 southbound into flagstaff. It flew overhead roughly between milepost 431 and 430. At first I thought it was a Mylar balloon until I noticed it didn't have a tarnished surface and there was n…

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Bright Orange Fireball Orb over Reservoir UK Reported

I was driving home past Foremark Reservoir, near Ticknall. along Repton road as I approached the reservoir main entrance, I noticed a bright orange Orb light in the direction of the water itself. this was strange to me, as it almost looked like the sun, but the sun had set some time previously and i…

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UFO Sighting Large Rectangular Craft Telepathic Communication Reported

I have witnessed several orbs that are so similar to stars in the night sky that are moving and burning brighter and brighter almost illuminating for my attention. Then after one and a half hours of viewing taking pictures I used my move over my head, after an orb shot across the sky. There was no …

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