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Disk Shaped Orange UFO Sighting emitting a beam

While taking photo's of the sunset, I notice a Disk Shaped Orange UFO Sighting emitting a beam. I started filming and have 4 minutes of video. In the UFO video the whole sky is red or orange, the UFO is the disk on the left, looking to the right are three clouds in line. All the objects are bright…

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Orange Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting Photo

I took this picture on the 11th of October in Poland. During taking pictures I didn't see anything suspicious in the sky. After checking pictures on my pc I have noticed a weird orange cigar-shaped UFO Sighting, made from sun-reflecting material. mufon cms# 112153 Warszawa Poland 10/11/20

Orange Cigar Shaped UFO reported Warszawa Poland _101120.jpg

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