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UFO Mothership Appears Low Altitude Over Port Peru and More Video

A goliath mothership was sighted consistently floating at a very low height, over what has all the earmarks of being a Port in Peru. What appears to be a little orange UFO was seen, flying at a low height close to a local location, as though it was attempting to land. Over a location in North Caroli…

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Video Capture of UFOs Maneuvering Over Several States and London

In today's UFO video, we have six alleged UFO Sightings captured by several different witnesses. In the first video clip, we see a supposed strange craft landing in Los Angeles.

In Pennsylvania, a UFO Sighting was captured on video showing what looks like a craft shaped like a disk glowing like …

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Circular Black UFO Sighting Captured Photo North Carolina

UFO Sighting appeared bright as if reflecting the sunlight before turning Black. The captured UFO photo shows a Circular Craft with angled wing like protrusions, and lights or propulsion flare along the top edge. It does not appear to look like a conventional airplane. Time on photo one hour behin…

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Extremely large see through UFO over my house

A huge UFO went over our house, if you weren't looking in the sky you would miss it because it was see through but could see a dark out line. UFO Sighting was round and just so big. The thing was huge about the size of a Walmart or other big store. UFO Sighting was hovering a few houses down from me…

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