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Silver UFO sphere hovering over Ashfield UK 11522

I pulled up at the junction of my street/Wentworth rd. and I could see above and in front of me a white silvery sphere-shaped UFO Sighting high in the sky was cloudless and sunny and I could see it to the left of the moon. I drove around the corner keeping the UFO Sighting in view when suddenly anot…

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UFO Sighting encounter with a large triangular craft Louisiana

This UFO Sighting encounter took place from a vehicle stopped at a stop sign on Jean Lafitte pkwy near Chalmette Vista at approximately 9pm CST on the night of July 21st 2021. A large craft that appeared to be of triangular shape flat and long, not pyramid-like with green lights on visible corners. …

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UFO Sighting Video over Fresno CA

On 7/18/21, at approximately 2105 hours, I was driving northbound on California highway 41 going approximately 67 miles per hour. I observed two large non blinking white lights like landing lights that appeared to be fixed to the end of what looked like the wings of AC-130 or larger sized plane. At …

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UFO Sighting Encounter While Driving on Freeway WA

Black/Dark Grey stretched bell/bullet shaped UFO Sighting with sharp ribbing that reflected light hovering above freeway West of airport tower. UFO Sighting was straight ahead as I drove North. Dark contrast against cloudy skies. As I drove toward it I could see sharp edged ribs that tapered around …

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Unknown UFO Sighting Video Over Seattle WA

Very Strange UFO Sighting of a Ball of light that eventually turned into a Black Barrel caught on video coming from the Olympic Park direction towards West Seattle WA on July 1,2021.

mufon cms# 116633 Seattle Washington 7/1/21 This Region has had 2,672 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

To view …

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UFO appears hovering over freeway El Centro CA

My husband and I were on our way to Texas. Driving through El Centro CA around 11:30pm I spotted what I thought was plane in the distance flying strange it had three lights colors were green and red. I woke my husband up. He saw another what we thought plane this one with bright white lights. It sta…

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Cigar Shaped Silver UFO Over Lowes Parking Lot Reported

I had just got into my truck in the parking lot of Lowes off Ina Road when I noticed a Long Cigar Shaped, Bright Silver UFO, hovering several thousand feet up in the sky. UFO Sighting was silver like a mirror surface with no sign of wings or a tail structure. I watched it for about a minute then loo…

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UFO Sighting Oval Solid White Object passed over house

This was my UFO Sighting account written minutes after witnessing this on January 4th, 2020. I posted it to my face-book account so the details would be fresh in my mind. I knew the longer I waited, the more I would question what I saw.

I was just outside in the backyard with my dog and I thin…

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Tumbling Triangle UFO Sighting Reported Appleton MI

A Metallic Triangular shaped UFO Sighting appearing to tumble in the sky. On April 22nd, 8:50 pm central time I was taking the garbage cans to the street and I had an intense feeling that I should look up. In the southwest sky there was a triangular shaped metallic UFO that appeared to have a tumbl…

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Dark Cigar Shape UFO Sighting Reported Cape Canaveral

Observed by my wife and myself. Looking west, a Dark Shaped UFO Sighting was flying rather quickly from south to north. No lights at all, could only barely be made out from the ambient light. Possibly the shape of this UFO Sighting was delta or cigar shape from what we could tell. Long and narrow. N…

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