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Unidentified Flying Objects Reported three different states video

A sparkling diamond shaped UFO over the sea in Ventura, California.

2 strange UFOs looking like a precious diamond stone shape with 5 illuminated UFOs were seen, vanished and returned in Toms River, New Jersey.

A bizarre Unidentified Flying Object concealed in an unusual condition at Fontenay…

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Reported UFO Dark Steel Domed Red Green lights hovering New Jersey

I was driving home heading north on Route 515, Vernon, NJ. I had just gotten off Route 23 northwest. At quite a distance, there was a commercial-looking truck with small yellow safety lights on each top side. Maybe a sander in prep for an expected snowstorm around midnight. Straight ahead low in the…

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Numerous UFOs appears around thunder storm video

UFOs love electrical storms!!! I have caught numerous UFO sightings from my balcony over looking the ocean. I think this is by far one of my best. i need to make a few points about this video I am using a night vision full spectrum Sionyx sport camera. None of this including the flashes were visibl…

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Flat flying trapezoid UFO Sighting with markings resembling a bird NJ

Retired law enforcement reporting. I have been witness to many Unidentified Aerial Phenomena events. On or about 12/29/17 at 1615 hours I was sitting outside on my porch when my peripheral vision observed an UFO up and to the right of me. I looked up towards the sky in the NE quadrant at an elevatio…

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