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UFO Reported Mystery Continues During the Falcon 9 Launch Video

UFO News: MUFON reports an extraordinary UFO sighting encounter encompassing the as of late launch of the Falcon 9 Rocket on Jan 31st of this current year 2022. There were 20 MUFON cases with observers from 9 locations in different states all happening in a 2-hour time frame on January 31 from 6 pm …

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Three Recent Reported UFO Sighting Cases From MUFON See Video

Case 120450 Ca witness’s at Palos Verdes Estates on Jan 19 2022 were out eating dinner viewing the LAX airport by the water, when they witnessed what is described as a cheerio shaped orb that popped out of the sky right in front of them. The witness were quite alarmed as they believed this was a UFO…

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MUFON Releases Three UFO Sighting Reports with video

Here's a new set of MUFON UFO Sighting Reports from Skye. These reports are selected from incoming material to MUFON. Unless otherwise noted, MUFON draws no conclusion on the nature of these UFO Sighting reports or what they represent. Join MUFON and get MUFON TV as part of your package. It's your s…

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