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Modern Day UFO Sightings No One Can Explain

UFO News Today: An article from News Week UFO Sightings no one can explain. Here are some of the weirdest UFO sightings, Kenneth Arnold Mount Rainier WA June 24th 1947, Lonnie Zamora April 24th 1964 Socorro NM from U.S. fighter pilots engaging with a super-speed, giant Tic Tac shaped aircraft in 200…

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The Lonnie Zamora UFO Sighting Case Revisited

While many have tried to debunk the Lonnie Zamora UFO Sighting case over the years, including a recent UFO theory presented in 2009 that he was the victim of engineering students' prank, close scrutiny of recently released FBI documents and other corroborating sourced witnesses, stro…

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